Katrine & Morten Arnfeldt

About us

A lifestyle choice

”We took the hotel over in September 2017 and used the following winter and spring to get things ready and set, and stamp our personalities on our new place. The restaurant was redecorated, new furniture was bought, and our pictures and Grandma’s embroideries were brought out and hung on the walls. Suddenly we knew why Katrine had hoarded all those special things for so long!”


“Finally we turned what had been the office into a quirky and original lounge, with books, Ærø Whisky, Morten’s old “swan” chairs, and soft antique furniture. It can be used as a private and characterful dining space for groups of up to 10 people.”  


Why Ærø? It was Katrine who saw that Ærø was somewhere they could create something special but relaxed in their own style. “We’re moving to Ærø,”she announced.

“But it’s an island….”responded Morten. But after a few visits he too was convinced, and the joint decision was made. “We love Ærø!”

Now Morten and Katrine run the hotel and restaurant, working side by side, with Morten taking responsibility for the restaurant and its ever-changing menus, and Katrine looking after the accommodation.

”We look forward to showing and sharing with you our Ærø!”

Morten & Katrine Arnfeldt