At Arnfeldt we like to try new things and experiment with our vendors and chefs. Because of this, we have started a “Chef Residency Program” where we invite chefs from all over the world to come and cook from 1 week up until 1 months time. Our chefs are cooking food from their own culture or from their own inspirations with our very own Ariel Calabrese. Every chef has to create their own menu based on the produce we have available on Ærø and or in the surroundings of Ærø. Therefore, the style of the menu is different for every chef. Expect something new at Arfeldt every time.

Our wine card is mostly based on natural wines and biodynamic wines that complement the menu and our overall atmosphere. 

In our restaurant we thrive for a relaxed environment where everyone is welcome and happy. At Arnfeldt we provide a fun atmosphere for our employees. Expect music, eclectic outfits, and happy vibes from all our staff. We hope that our guests will enter the same adventure with us. 

Christmas lunch special:

Join us for a festive feast that celebrates the spirit of Christmas! At Arnfeldt, we’re thrilled to present a mouthwatering 4-course Christmas lunch, crafted with the freshest local produce, complete with delightful winepairing, all for the incredibly jolly price of just 495 DKK.

Fridays and Saturdays, from Nov 22nd to Dec 18th, by booking only. Book by writing us an email:


Our sharing menu consists of 5-6 dishes at a set price of 350 DKK per person. 

The menu changes daily depending on the local produce. So please keep yourself informed on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

Opening hours

Thursday – Sunday from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. 

Book your table here.

Guest Chefs